HFI - 780 surround-headphones closed

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HFI - 780 headphones closed
shielded from outside noise , 2m additional cable , frequency range 10 Hz - 25,000 Hz , low radiation :
All HoloSync 3D headphones are low radiation and undercut the magnetic field emissions from commercial headphones at least 50 percent .
This is confirmed by the IGEF test seal and a TÜV certificate .
Hearing Gentle: At least 40% less sound pressure ( 3-4 dB ) is subjectively perceived by the listener at the same volume , so that the risk of hearing damage significantly reduced
. Of course you can enjoy the HoloSync 3D headphones also regular CDs in perfect sound . Take the middle of the orchestra space !

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writes: 25.03.2011
Fantastic kite with great performance!
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